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IRI have been retired several years (13) and last year we (the boss and I) moved from our country home into town into what I call the “reservation.” It is a “subdivision” of Cottages “houses and doubles” on the grounds of the Franklin United Methodist Community. There are about 600 of us old folks here and most live in the “Big House” (apartments, health center, or  3 levels of Alzheimers care..

After 36 years in an aircraft engine factory and 25 years raising and showing Miniature Schnauzers it was time to slow down. So with the last of the Mohicans (Foxy and Sugar) we came to town and live in a beautiful home on the pond on the reservation.

Me and my three girls!

I have been thinking about having a blog for some time and my beautiful granddaughter, Brooke, helped (did it all, I just watched)  put this blog together. She is really good at social media. Thank you!

I am opinionated and crotchety and the wife says I’m getting worse by the day. So, with that I start my mission of saying what’s on my mind. Hopefully you won’t take offense and will enjoy my rants.

Thanks for watching,
Richard Isley

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