The blog journey begins.

January 22, 2015 — Leave a comment

I have wanted to write a blog for sometime and was surprised when #1 granddaughter said during a visit, “I can help you do that.” And so, an hour later, I am good to go with a web address and a blog.

I was off and running but was not content because the blog did not work like I thought it should.

Frustrated, I tried my hand at the process of blogging and was disappointed I could not make the blog like I wanted.

Frustrated, because I could not figure out how the process worked and could not make the software work as I wanted.

Frustrated because no matter who offered advise and how hard I tried the results were the same; not to my liking!

This past weekend should have been a time of good family fun and an enjoyable visits. For me the weekend is a blur. Not sure why, except nothing went right. I won’t try to give reasons for being an a– because I really don’t know why. If I was rude or unfriendly or perhaps over bearing I’m sorry! I also want to apologize to my really great grand kids for not being the grandpa they deserve. Again, I’m sorry.

Looking out the window on the reservation it is a dreary day, but I have been somewhat productive. Took the girls to the vet. Foxy’s blood sugar checked OK (114) and Sugar probably has a UTI and will take some meds for the next 14 days. The old girls – 10 and 12 – are doing probably better than me. And for those of you who own stock in Krogers you will be pleased that I went Krogering and a dividend will probably be paid.

Now to the reason I want to blog. I see things that always makes me wonder “why did they do that;” things I think are funny even though Linda may not; things I think need to be done in the community to make life better; and, life in general because that’s all we got folks and we need to make the most of it!

Thanks for watching,


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