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We have all been there. Sitting at a stop light when the light turns green and the car ahead of us just sits there. After saying a few not-so-choice words you blow the horn. Half of the timed cycle is gone and half the cars behind you won’t make it through the light on green and they push the limit by stretching the yellow and maybe a little of the red.

We have all been there. Running a bit late for an appointment or just wanting to drive the speed limit and there she is. Not always a she but a he so maybe I should say they. And there they are driving 10 mph below the speed limit, or maybe even driving the limit. Talking incessantly to the passenger in the front seat, maybe talking on the cell phone or perhaps talking to themselves. They’re completely oblivious to the traffic around them— especially those piling up behind. These are who I call LTA’s (left turn anticipators) who intended from the start of their trip to turn left somewhere in the next 10 miles.

Now, I talk to these people even though they can’t hear me. Linda says I’m getting worse as I get older and this is where the Crotchety Old Man comes from.  I guess I get the inpatients from my dad. He was a very aggressive driver. Not reckless, but aggressive. He would do anything to get around these slow left laners and then slow down and turn on the left turn signal until they moved over into the right lane. Then off he would go. Side note: It was about 1960 when dad came home from work fussing about how they (state highway dept.) was ruining US 31 because they were putting a stop light at Southport Road. If he could only see US 31 now!

We have all been there. Driving along and all of a sudden the car in front of us puts on their brakes and turns one way or the other with no prior warning or turn signal.

We have all been there. Waiting for the car in front of us at the stop light to move when he turns with no turn signal. It is amazing the number of cars that are sold without turn signals. I have seen men, women, police officers, and fire trucks that seem, to me anyway, not to have turn signals. I tried to buy a car without turn signals but was told you can’t. But, it sure seems like someone can. I see them on the road almost every day!

Considerate. People today don’t care about the folks around them or behind them. They are inconsiderate! If people were considerate they would “go” when the light turned green. If people were considerate and paid attention not only would they go but they would get through the intersection quickly so more folks could get through also and maybe not run the red light. If people were considerate and paying attention they would get in the right lane when cars piled up behind them especially when they are not going to turn left for another five miles. If people were considerate they would turn on the turn signal well before they were going to turn. If people were considerate every day and everywhere they went this world would be a much better place don’t you think?

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