His mother taught him well!

February 9, 2015 — Leave a comment

Monday! Cold! Cloudy! Windy! Typical Indiana winter day.

Well, there is no snow, but you can’t have everything!

So the boss says “let’s go out and get a bite to eat. You pick.” I said, “Burger King.” Love their fish sandwich! While waiting for our order (there is no fast food anymore) a friend said “hi!” Bill Monroe, a fellow resident on the reservation and great fisherman, was getting back in line to get some cookies for he and his wife. We talked a bit then our order was ready. Hadn’t taken too long, the fish must have really been biting!

As we were eating our lunch, I noticed Bill Monroe getting up to leave. He put his coat on and then his hat. Did you get that? He put on his hat!. Yes, he had eaten his lunch with his hat off. His mother must have really taught him well or maybe his wife did the teaching. It doesn’t matter who did it, but here was an older man, eating lunch at a fast food restaurant with his wife and he took off his hat! My compliments!A gentleman with outstanding manors!

Bill Monroe, thank you for reminding me that folks still have good manors.

Now, I was always a fan of the Sopranos (remember that show?), but I really became a die-hard fan during the episode when Tony (a real bad ass) was having dinner in a fairly nice restaurant with one of his “clients” when a young man and woman entered and set down and the young man left his hat on and started to look at the menu. Tony noticed and excused himself from his table and walked to the table of the afore-mentioned young man. Tony proceeded to tell the young man that he had two choices. One, take his hat off while eating his supper, or, two, Tony would remove it for him and in that process kick his ( the young man’s) ass. Needless to say, the young man removed his hat. Tony became my hero forever!

His mother taught him well.

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