Cramming for Finals

March 17, 2015 — Leave a comment

Last night at bible study I remembered something my daughter once asked me, “Old people are always reading and studying the bible. Are they cramming for finals?”  I put the question to the group and the answer was, perhaps!

It seems us older folks do indeed read and study the bible more, not so much cramming, but it’s because we have the time now to reflect on our lives and perhaps afterlife. Because now that the kids are raised and we have completed our work life we can reflect on the important things that we have perhaps missed. Our relationship with God needs to be completed and through God we find satisfaction that the errors and indiscretions of our life have been forgiven and the difficult task of forgiving ourselves is probably the most troubling and worrisome thing we have to resolve.

God is! That is the answer to all questions of this life. I believe without a doubt that God exist. I have always believed but that belief was reinforced when I was allowed to witness the birth of my daughter. How could anyone not believe seeing that perfect form of life knowing that it started out as two tiny specks and developed into that tiny bundle of joy that grew into a loveable and loving adult? I have been saved by his hand at least five times in my life and because of that I do not question God! I cannot question God because I’m not smart enough to know the answers.

I, being a lover of history, really enjoy studying the Bible because it is a 6,000 year old history of man. It has many significant stories of good people and bad people that even today have lessons to learn. The many stories of love and despair that continue to repeat over and over throughout time causes me to wonder, will we ever learn. Lessons of life that are incredibly relevant today if we take the time listen and learn. The story of Jesus and his mission on earth is so revealing to a simple truth. The all-encompassing message to love your neighbor as yourself will change your life if you will but apply it.

Cramming, I don’t think so. I don’t think there will be a final exam. I do believe that we will be asked, “did you try?” Only God is perfect and for us mere humans perfection is definitely out of the question. We can only try to live with love for our neighbor and that is a full time endeavor. But, knowing that forgiveness is for those who faithfully ask and are sincere in their belief make life easier to live.

Now, being a 71 year old “Crotchety Old Man”, I wonder if my rants will be considered loving attempts to help folks?

Thanks for listening.


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