Excitement on the Reservation!

March 29, 2015 — Leave a comment

To start with I’m going to give you more information than you probably want to know. But, to tell the story you must have all the pertinent facts. Since our return from vacation on March 1st we have missed our Indianapolis Star 3 times. Each time I call and register the missed paper and if I can get a real person I complain. I am signed up to read the Indy Star on line but for some reason, still to be determined, I cannot get to the IndyStar web site using the AOL browser. I can only get to the IndyStar web site by going thru internet explorer. But, reading the newspaper on line is not the same as reading the print edition.

You know we all have our habits and I am probably one of the worst about doing things strictly by habit. Get up at 7:00AM get papers and unwrap and layout the Indy Star so that the extra (funny pages) section is on the bottom of the pile (last). Pour a cup of coffee and start reading. About this time on of the girls will come trotting out of the bedroom headed for the back door. So, I let her out and go wake up the other one and put her out.

Now I have to interrupt my newspaper reading with what should be a simple task of fixing a dog breakfast for our diabetic girl Foxy. But, Foxy has become you might say finicky. She most times won’t eat dog food. However, there are times when she won’t eat people food either, so fixing her breakfast is a crap shoot. She has to eat so I can give her an insulin injection.  This as you can see can be a major disruption to my morning routine. And it generally is!

After dog breakfast it’s back to the Star and more coffee then the Daily Journal and finally computer time.  Criminal Case awaits!

This morning I awoke at 7:00 and put on my lounging pants. (Flannel pajama bottoms) Went to the kitchen and slipped on my shoes and glasses and went to the door to get the paper. No paper! No Sunday Star! Instantly pissed! WOW what is that? They just delivered the paper to my neighbor and they are driving off! I will get my paper! Where are the car keys? The closest keys are in Linda’s purse. Where is the purse and which compartment? Third try, I found them! Out the door raise the garage door and out I go to chase down the newspaper delivery person. It is cold this morning. I have no coat on! Found them. It’s a woman, damn will have to clean up the language. Good morning, did you forget to leave a paper at my house again? This makes the 4th time this month.

“Where do you live”, she asks. I told her my house number and she looks at her order sheet and says. “This says 645 not 745” Well I said, “Most mornings you get it right. Why not every morning?”  No answer!

Here’s your paper. We will try to do better tomorrow.

What more could I ask for? I have the Sunday Star.  Now, if I can just get Foxy to eat her breakfast it may be a great morning after all.

Thanks for listening.


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