Spring is Almost Sprung Out

May 12, 2015 — Leave a comment

Spring is almost half over and it has been a different one from what one might call normal. It has been cold, cool, wet, breezy, and sunny sometimes all in the same day. It was a tough winter and now it seems Mother Nature is trying to make amends. Lots of pollen for those who suffer from allergies, cool, almost cold breezes to make your walks or jogs or runs uncomfortable, but, the sky is blue and the sun shines with warmth trying to not only warm our skin but our spirit that sometime got very depressed during the long winter. It’s funny how Mother Nature tries to make up for her indiscretions.  The grass seems to be a greener green and the dandelions have been the most vivid yellow and so thick that they appear as a carpet on top of the green thick mat. Yet, here on the reservation she seems to be having a difficult time keeping this spring normal if there is such a thing.

The grounds crew has several new members and they are being trained as they go, OJT. But, it is a huge task to keep these 120+ acres and 200+ houses and the Big house grounds looking superb. They are still cutting the grass and I suppose it will be awhile before they really learn how to mow grass. There is a difference you know.  It has been difficult for them because of the rains and cold. It is funny to see folks driving lawn mowers with coats and hats and gloves. Cutting grass envisions shorts and tank tops but despite the cold and damp the grass grows profusely.

The oddity I have noticed this spring is Mother Nature’s seemingly desire to help control the population of geese and ducks. We have enjoyed seeing 3, maybe 4, clutches of ducklings that the mother duck has brought to the pond for their first swim but being sadly disappointed when they were gone the next morning.  None have survived. Fox, coyote, raccoon or perhaps snapping turtles have had their fill much to our disappointment.  Ducklings’ swimming behind their mother is a wonder to watch and another way of counting on spring’s renewal of the earth. It has been disappointing in watching and keeping tabs on the hen setting on a nest of 14 eggs in our shrubbery bed and the discovery that something had destroyed them all. Sometimes Mother Nature can be cruel it seems.

The geese are not faring any better than the ducks. The grounds folks said they had found goose nests with a total of 40 eggs and now they are all gone. We have no goslings to date and it doesn’t look too promising to have any this year, sad but not too sad. Geese live 18- 20 years and we have plenty. You are welcome to take all you can carry. I’ll even help if you need it! Whatever Mother Nature is using to control the population it seems to be working very well.

Summer will be here before too long and we will complain about the heat as usual and say how much we miss the spring, human nature at its best. We never seem to be satisfied with what we have always wishing for something different or better.  That’s just the way we are and I guess that’s OK. Life here in the reservation is good. No, not good wonderful.

Thanks for listening,

Richard Isley

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