May 28, 2015 — Leave a comment

It is a gorgeous day here on the reservation. Absolutely gorgeous! And I am happy! The wind has subsided and the sky is blue and the fish are jumping in the pond. Believe it or not but I am content. Life here is good to say the least. The grounds folks are cutting grass today here on Blue Bird Dr./Ln. and I am happy to report there are no weeds to be seen. I have been after them with a vengeance this spring.  But, I do miss mowing grass!! Maybe I should give lessons in the difference between cutting and mowing grass. There is a difference you know?

Today may not turn out in the end to be as nice as it is right now. We have a sick dog Foxy. She is almost 13 and a diabetic. It is very critical that she eats twice a day and then receives a shot of insulin.  We have been on this schedule for over a year now but in the last 3 weeks Foxy has pretty much decided that she doesn’t like most of the food choices we offer. We are lucky if she eats once a day and then it is a crap shoot if we serve an acceptable meal to her liking. She refuses to eat the special Science Diet diabetic food. Will not touch pedigree canned food. We thought we had stumbled onto the food secret by grilling chicken and hamburger.  She really seemed to enjoy either one. Now she will only eat hamburger maybe.

Last week it became apparent that she was no longer enjoying the 2 mile walks with Linda. She just refused to go. It was sad to watch her as she watched Linda and Sugar leave for the walks. I could tell she really wanted to go but just couldn’t. Then this week we had an episode on the grooming table just prior to giving her a bath. She collapsed. No warning just was down and off the table. By the time( 2-3 seconds) it took to get her back and untethered she lost control of her bladder. A total lights out seizure of some kind.  She has been a different dog since. Not sure what is going on but thankfully no more episodes since Tuesday.

We are going to the Vet after a while and probably will have to make a hard decision. I hate to give her up but I cannot stand to see her not be Foxy. We have had lots of great dogs over the last 25 years and had so say goodbye to too many of them. Dogs just don’t seem to live long enough. Foxy was probably the prettiest show bitch we ever had but one day she decided that she was done with showing. Just simply quit! So she retired herself to the couch and since her elevation to head bitch status the bed. She is a good back warmer!

I hope the Vet will have a good solution and a “fix’ for Foxy that will give her many more day with us, but I’m afraid that may be just wishful thinking. I really want the day to end like it started. A beautiful beautiful happy day!

Thanks for listening,

Richard Isley

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