Supper on the Pond with Excitement for Dessert

June 25, 2015 — Leave a comment

An absolutely gorgeous day here on the reservation as well as most of Indiana I suppose. We were both busy trying to tie up all the loose ends before we leave for Colorado to visit the Grandkids. Oh, their parents also. Almost forgot them. When the boss returned home with beautiful newly done toe nails with flowers adorning the biggest of her tiny toes we talked about my most pressing need, supper. We decided after she lay down for a while to rest her leg from the day’s activities we would have supper on the patio and enjoy the evening on the pond. I volunteered to cook supper and make the drinks.

About an hour later she was up and I made the run to Taco Bell for what else, Tacos! As soon as I returned I made one of my world famous Long Island Iced Teas for the boss and my usual Bacardi and Coke. Supper was a success and we enjoyed the birds singing and were impressed when our Great Blue Heron came floating in and landed on the opposite bank of the pond.  As we sat talking about how wonderful it was to be able to enjoy the beauty of this place, the reservation, and the pond with all the wildlife we get to see we watched a muskrat swim across the pond and come ashore just below us a bit when we were startled by a huge bird swooping over the water and flying to the top of a huge oak tree about a ¼ mile from us.

It was a Bald Eagle. We haven’t seen one of them for a few month and they are so very beautiful. As he/she sat in the very top branch of the tree it was fun to watch as a few small birds seemed to attack him. I guess they have nest in that tree and were protecting their territory. He seemed to just ignore them and turned to face us and the pond. I have not seen an eagle take a fish out of the pond but there is always hope. Early this spring I watched an eagle try to grab a fish but the pond was iced over and he bounced off the first time and the second time he broke through the ice and I thought he was going to drown but he managed to escape, much to my relief and delight.

I had watched the eagle setting in the tree for some time and thought maybe he was going to roost there for the night and had turned to talk to the boss about something important I’m sure, but I forget now, when I heard a loud croaking scream and turn to the pond just in time to see the eagle swooping in to make a grab and the Great Blue Heron attacking from the flank. The eagle made a severe inflight course change and quickly reversed his flight path and flew to I know not where. The Great Blue Heron landed not far from us and maintained a vigil watching to make sure the interloper did not return. When we had finished my superbly cooked supper and well-made drinks we came into the house leaving the Great Blue on guard of his personal fishing hole.

We have all heard of stories fresh off the press and now you can say you heard a story fresh off the pond. A spectacular ending to a marvelous day!

Thanks for listening.

Richard Isley

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