Cause and Effect

July 5, 2015 — Leave a comment

We are home from a wonderful trip to see the grand kids and their parents in Evergreen, Co. Had a great visit and am amazed at how the kids are growing. Not only physically but growing up as young adults. Wonderful conversations with them that is a testament that their home schooling is making them “smart” beyond their years. Great job Lisa!

We had an almost uneventful trip home. Interstate 70 traffic was boring as usual but enjoyable because of the reduced traffic the result of the 3 day celebration of our great country’s founding.  I was very happy that most all the semi drivers had made it home to be with their families!  The almost in this paragraph is the “cause” of this story.

Yesterday coming across Illinois I approached 2 of the few semis I encountered on the trip home. Just as I started to pass the first one I noticed someone walking along the road carrying something.  When I was almost around this truck the truck in front simultaneously applied his turn signal and moved into my lane of traffic. Luckily for me and my passengers, the boss and Sugar, I have pretty good reflexes for an old man and the Saturn has really good brakes. As I looked thru the blue haze in the car I saw the reason for the sudden movement of the semi. A pickup attached to a flatbed trailer with a sofa strapped to it parked on the side of the road.

We have all seen the signs along the highways in almost every state that say “Slow down or pull over for emergency vehicles”.  I think I have a fair understanding what emergency vehicle are;  police cars, fire trucks, ambulances, and wreckers not pickup trucks with a trailer attached.  When the nerves calmed down the boss said,” That guy walking along the road was carrying a cushion off that couch.” Her statement started me thinking about “cause and effect”.

What if I had not noticed the semis move in time? I might have been killed or severely injured. The same might have happened to the boss and Sugar. Wow, that would have really been bad!  The driver of the semi would have been charged with several traffic violations and may have been sentenced to jail and the owners of the trucking company assessed a large fine and I would have still been dead.  But, the sad thing is the real culprit would have lived the rest of their life without knowing they had been the cause of a fatal or near fatal accident.

The culprit was not the semi driver, even though I think he over reacted and misinterprets the pull over law. It may not have been the driver of the stopped pickup truck even though he could have pulled a bit farther off the road. It was not the wind that blew off the couch cushion. The real culprit was whoever loaded the couch on the trailer and did not secure the cushions. Probably did not think it was necessary because we are not going very far and they fit pretty tight. Surely the cushions won’t blow off.

We have all done things, I’m sure I have, that didn’t turn out as we envisioned or planned. Most of the time these lacks of attention to detail were not of a serious consequence but sometime they could have been disastrous. I think I have learned a valuable lesson and I hope you will too.

Thanks for listening.

Richard Isley

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