We Have a Ghost!

August 25, 2015 — Leave a comment

We Have a Ghost!

Things that go bump in the day!

We have a ghost! The boss and I both heard it at the same time last Friday. Friday is always a busy day for us. Sleep till you wake up and then read the paper and go exercise. Maybe eat a bite then clean the house. This Friday I threw in a little project to level up the tops of the kitchen cabinets so the boss can display more of her “pretties” so the cleaning started later than usual. We have a long agreed upon division of labor when it comes to house cleaning. I run the sweeper and the boss dusts and cleans the bathrooms. Sometimes I clean the bathrooms but not often. I do not dust unless it is an extreme emergency, like the boss is totally incapacitated and then only if the dust is deep enough to write in.

I had finished sweeping and was setting at the desk doing what I seem to do very well, playing “Criminal Case” a game I really enjoy. The boss was finishing up in the master bath when I heard the “boom”! It sounded like it came from the back of the house like the master bath. I assumed she had dropped something. Shortly she hollered to me, “What dropped?” And I replied, “I don’t know what you dropped.” And she said, “It sounded like it was out there.” And I said, “I thought you dropped something back there.”

At this point two great minds got together in the hall about half way in betwen and began a long discussion on where the sound we both heard came from. It was like one of those he said she said things and we to this day don’t know exactly where the “boom” came from but we do agree it was in the house. Now, I think I use that word too much but it works for me, the search began. We checked and double checked every closet and checked every picture and mirror, every decorative wall hanging, we checked under every bed, knowing that nothing can fall very far under a bed, and we checked all the kitchen and bathroom cabinets. NOTHING. So, we checked everything again. Still nothing.

We both agree the sound was a loud boom and it was in the house. We still disagree on where it happened. Now, there I go again, I have to admit that I am a bit concerned about what it could have been but the boss is even more so. So much so that was all she could think of while she couldn’t go to sleep Friday night.

Now, there’s that word again, being a fairly well educated and what I think would qualify me as a well-read individual I can come to only one conclusion. Until Sherlock Holmes can prove me wrong we have a ghost. I believe there are ghost because I have seen one but that’s another story. Hopefully this is a friendly one and will not cause too much mischief, but for now it would be nice to find something lying on the floor big enough to have caused the ‘boom ‘.

Thanks for listening.

Richard Isley

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