Religious Freedom

September 5, 2015 — 2 Comments

The news stories out of Kentucky concerning the county clerk’s refusal to issue marriage licenses to Gay couples has stirred a need for me to reflect on my own beliefs. I am a Christian and truly believe all that I have been taught and learned about God and his son Jesus Christ. I believe that God loves us all. Not for what we are but for who we are. All that is required is to open our hearts and let God fill it with his Grace. The overriding tenet of Jesus that we shall love our neighbors as ourselves is all that anyone needs to know in our dealings with one another.

I am also an American! I thank God every day for my life here in this great country. We enjoy so many freedoms and privileges that are not enjoyed in most countries of the world. Our constitution is really a living document that has been amended only a few a few times in the last 200+ years to clarify and redefine certain issues but by in large an almost inspired work that defines how a free people are to be governed. The second amendment guarantees to all citizens the right to worship as we see fit. But, in my opinion the second amendment was written specifically to ensure that a Church of America would not be established and become influential like the Church of England had at that time over the British government. Over time the courts have expanded the scope of the second amendment to the extent that it seems to be a denial of our rights as Christians and Jews whose history and tenants were the founding beliefs of this great country. Recently the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that people may marry regardless of their sexual orientation. PERIOD! It is the law of the land!

To Ms. Davis, the county clerk in Kentucky, I admire that you are a born again Christian and I am awesomely impressed that you take the teachings of Jesus to heart with such fever and dedication. But, you are also an elected official and I’m sure, like the Judge said this week, you took an oath to uphold the laws of the county, state and the constitution of the United States. You are in jail not because you are a Christian but because you have failed, with defiance, to adhere to your oath of office. Your rights to worship as you please have not been infringed upon. You are derelict in your duties. You have basically thumbed your nose at the Constitution because your rights to freely practice your religion end when you infringe upon the rights of others to enjoy their rights under said Constitution.

Love thy neighbor as thy self

Thanks for listening.

Richard Isley

2 responses to Religious Freedom


    Amen and Amen, I couldn’t agree with you more.



    Amen Richard. You are absolutely right.


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