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Our memory seems to diminish with age especially for us who are considered senior citizens. I have always had trouble remembering names and dates, and places. I can’t remember how many classes I took at work that were supposed to help with remembering things; like name word association and other tricks that were to allow you to remember names of who you met, but they never helped. I think the biggest fear I had was calling someone by the wrong name, so I devised ways to hide my memory issues.

We have all gone into another room and wondered why we did or what we were supposed to be doing or getting but it seems to be getting more frequent the older I get. Not to say these issues have not been around for a while. The other night the boss and I were talking and she tried to remember the name of a T V show. After a few minutes she finally said, “Sometimes my mind is as sharp as a dull tack.” We both laughed and agreed that both of our memories are getting much worse. I don’t know if her quote is original but it sure hits the nail on the head. Our memories are slipping faster that we can sharpen the tacks.

I have to say that my memory loss has been going on for a while. A few years ago during the last major project at the former house, one of the last “updating projects” before moving to the reservation,(A subject I will have to talk about at some future time), I could not find a must have tool to do the job. I had looked everywhere knowing I had one but even with the eagle eyes of the boss it could not be found. Why I was working on Sunday I don’t remember because when you’re retired Saturdays and Sundays are days off. But, I needed the tool and because my favorite hardware store was closed on Sunday I had to go the 6 miles to Lowes in Franklin. And since I was going to the hardware store I might as well get some nuts and bolts I’ll need in a day or two.

A pretty day driving to town and you use that time to gather thoughts and ideas and make plans all in addition to keeping the car between the lines. When I got to Lowes, if you have never been there, as you walk into the store straight ahead are the fasteners. Nuts, bolts, screws and everything else you might need to fasten two or more object together. Finally after a few minutes I found the nuts and bolts I needed plus a few more thanks to the marketing gurus. You know they don’t package nut and bolts in like numbers, just like they don’t package hot dogs and hot dog buns in like numbers. Marketing!!

Now, what was it I really came for? I could not remember! I must have stood there for 5 minutes trying to remember what I had really come for. I ran a list through my head and more lists of stuff that might possibly be what I had come after but to no avail. I started to walk the aisles looking at various items thinking it might light a spark in the old gray matter. Nothing! Do you know how many aisles there are in the Lowes store? I’m not sure but really more than I care to count. Nothing!

I gave up! Went to the checkout and paid for the nuts and bolts and started home. Really pissed off at myself for not being able to remember a really important item that I really needed today! I made a vow that I have kept to this day; I never go to any store without a list, even if the list has but one item. But, even that vow has its draw back; I may not remember where I put the note.

I was almost home when the spark lit the light bulb and I remembered what I had gone after, a box cutter! You may remember that I have had considerable problems with box cutters. This was to be my third and last box cutter so I turned around and went back to Lowes repeating over and over as I drove box cutter, box cutter. I made it to the store and for sure bought the needed box cutter. However, this iconic tool was soon to be lost also like its two predecessors, but were found again when we were cleaning up things for the move to the reservation. It’s quite a feeling to have 3 box cutters at one time. I ended up with one box cutter here on the pond but the first time I needed it, it was indeed lost.  Again! I can be at times a bit hard headed! I will not buy another box cutter, ever! I will have to make a paring knife do the job much to the cringe of the boss.

However, I am one very fortunate man to have a genius for a daughter-in-law. For my birthday I was given a bright iridescent green box cutter. Very easy to find if I can just remember where I put it!

Thanks for listening.

Richard Isley


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