Why Don’t They Listen?

February 27, 2016 — Leave a comment

Have you ever noticed how people don’t listen to what you say to them, especially when you answer their questions? It’s like they already know what your answer should be instead of what you really answer. It bothers me because I try not to be wasteful and so at restaurants I try to be very specific as to what I want or need. To other service folks I try to give instruction as to my preferences that are simple and straight forward. The following are examples that show not only how folks don’t listen but also how wasteful they are because they don’t listen.

We were at Cracker Barrel the other day and I ordered coffee and said to the waitress,” No cream”.  A few minutes later she brought the coffee and low and behold she started to put creamer on the table. I again said, “No cream please” and handed the small containers to her. She had not listened. This was not the first time this scenario has happed at Cracker Barrel and other restaurants as well. It seems it must be ingrained in wait staffs that everyone uses cream in their coffee but I’m sure the creamers cost something and also that anything left on the table either used or unused becomes trash.  To me this is a waste of money and a needless waste heading to the landfill.

Next we go to MacDonald’s. It used to be that the stores had the individual packets of ketchup and everyone grabbed a handful of these for their fries. Probably only used 2 or 3 and put the rest, probably 4 or 5, in the trash. The same grab a handful mentality was used to get salt and pepper, and it is still that way. Someone at MacDonald’s saw the waste and cost and they changed every store to the hand pump dispensers of ketchup which makes a handful of ketchup very messy. If the dispensers are empty and you go to the counter and request ketchup they will ask how many and only give you what you ask for.  However, if you go thru the Drive thru and ask for ketchup you will most likely get a handful of packets and will probably throw most of them away.

Next we go to Taco Bell. I love Taco Bell! The boss asked how, since I do very little cooking, what I would do for food if something happened to her. My reply, “me and Taco Bell will become really great friends.” I love Taco Bell but I’ve already said that. When I make a taco run I generally go thru the drive thru and order 3 taco Supremes and a Chulupa. “Any sauce” They ask. “Yes, 3 Fire and one mild please. And no thank you I don’t drink Pepsi,” I reply. When I get home what do I find? There are at least 20 packets of fire sauce and 10 packets of mild sauce at the bottom of the sack.  Now I’ve already got a drawer full of various condiment packets from various places and I don’t need any more. I sure hope the critters at the land fill enjoy the Taco Bell sauce on their entries as well as the lost profit. I often wonder if the manager of our local Taco bell has any idea how much money, lost profit, goes out the drive thru window.

The reason for this piece came about from a visit to Great Clips to get my ears set out this week. That’s a haircut in Hoosier speak for my non Hoosier friends. When I set down in the chair I told the young lady, “Please, don’t trim my sideburns. Just blend them in.” I thought she did a really good job cutting my hair until I got home and discovered that she had shortened my sideburns by about a ½ inch. She didn’t listen! It is obvious that she has no idea what a pain it is to regrow sideburns! They must be nurtured and fertilized and coaxed back to life.  We are not allowed to have chickens here on the reservation so I am trying to get the regrowth without the proper fertilizer. So far I think in a week or two, about the time I will need another haircut; the “burns” will be back as good as new. Hopefully the next hairdresser to cut my hair will listen to my instructions. Maybe I’ll write a note and hand it to her. Perhaps the written word will help her understand my wishes.

Thanks for listening.

Richard Isley

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