Hearing Aid and a Dollar

September 4, 2017 — 1 Comment

I’ve already told about my 57 days in rehab at the FUMC, and during that time becoming stone deaf because of the radiation treatments on my head and getting a hearing aid and a week later it disappeared.

The word disappeared is Linda’s word. My word is stolen because after three searches by five or six different people it was not to be found and it did not walk out of the room by itself. It was stolen. And the management of the rehab facility took no responsibility and said it was my responsibility to safe guard my belongs while I slept.

So with that, I suppose the person who took the hearing aid was the same person who took my dollar bill book mark. I am sure they needed the dollar and hearing aid more than I did and I hope they enjoy.

Dollar bill book mark you ask? Yes, I use a dollar bill for a book mark because of a story I read in Readers Digest several years ago, perhaps 10 or so. The piece was from a father of a college student who went Christmas shopping with her two days before and they were in a book store and had been there for some time. Finally, the daughter found an item for her roommate, a book mark. They got in line to pay and it seemed like the line had not moved for several minutes/hours and finally the father asked, “how much is this book mark?” and the daughter replied, “a dollar.” Dad, being quick of thought, said, “why not just use a dollar?” Now that made a lot of since to me, and so I have used the dad’s advice ever since.

Hopefully who ever took my hearing aid and dollar book mark has made good use of them; the hearing aid for perhaps an aging relative and the dollar for a McDonald’s coke. However, let it be known the it only cost $300 to replace the $2300 hearing aid, but the dollar.

At that time in my life, my memories span was about two minutes, and so when the dollar was taken from the book I had no idea where it was and so I had to start reading at page one.

Thanks for listening.

Richard Isley
The crotchety old man

One response to Hearing Aid and a Dollar

    Doug Hendrickson September 4, 2017 at 6:49 pm

    Great to have you back my friend.


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