Prostate Cancer

September 24, 2017 — Leave a comment

I learned today at church that a friend is to have prostate surgery Oct. 4th and I shared with him my experience of 15 years ago. Because of an increase in my PSA test I agreed to have a biopsy of the prostate gland. Now, that is not a real pleasant experience but saved my life. The lab almost missed it but they did fine a small bit of cancer. My Doctor started to give me three options but I interrupted and said, take it out. I knew too many men, including relatives, who had chosen the other 2 or 3 options and they died of the cancer.

I met with my urologist and he said that he would do the traditional surgery but that I was a prime candidate for the new Da Vinci surgery at Methodist Hospital. The only Doctor to do that type of surgery in Indianapolis was Dr. Jones and an appointment was made and after a bone scan we met and he explained the entire procedure and then asked if we had any questions. I had one, how do you remove the prostate gland from the abdomen and he replied that they place the gland in a cloth sack and then remove it, made good sense to me.

So, the surgery was scheduled for 9:00 AM on a Friday morning and according to the doctors instruction I had nothing to eat on Thursday except clear liquids and at 5:00 PM I started the cleansing protocol and drank almost all of a gallon of the nasty stuff. I’m sure you have had the experience of the cleansing protocol and it is not on your list of things you really like to do but you do them when you have to.

We arrived at the hospital at the prescribed time and they prepared me for surgery and 9:00am arrived and no Doctor. 9:30 AM and no doctor. 10:00 and the doctor arrives with this bit of information,” in case you haven’t heard the machine is down. The mother board is fried and there are none in Indianapolis and we are flying one in from the West Coast and it will be here early Monday morning. You have a choice to make; we can proceed with the traditional surgery with 6 to 8 weeks recovery or reschedule the Da Vinci surgery for Monday.”

I said, “I’ll wait till Monday. But, I have a question; I’ll have to do the cleansing procedure again won’t I?”

The Doctor replied, “Yes, if you eat anything.”

I then said, “what if I stay on the liquid diet until Monday, will I have to do the cleanse?”

The other Doctor in the room, the assistant if you will said, “you can’t do that!”

And I replied,” Yes I can. You want to bet.”

And the doctor said’” OK a nickel.” And the bet was on.

And Linda said.” yes he can.” And I did. Lost 10 pounds in the process but it was worth it!

The surgery was successful and I recovered in about three weeks and felt so good I laid Pergo flooring in the 24×24 family/dog room.

Gentlemen, if you’re not having PSA test every year you need to. Insist to your Doctor to have the test annually. Prostate Cancer is 100% curable if caught early. The surgery is nothing compared to other surgeries that take weeks to recover from.

Oh, one last thing, the SOB still owes me the nickel!

Thanks for listening,

Richard Isley

The Crotchety Old Man


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