Automated Answering Services

November 3, 2017 — Leave a comment

I know that I am not by myself in my dislike, no detest, of automated answering services. When I have a problem I want to talk to a real person. I don’t want to listen to options 1 thru 9 of possible problems that are not even close to what I need and leave me hanging for an answer of what to do next. They have mostly learned to disconnect the “0” option to get to a real person so you are left with no recourse except to be totally pissed! I really miss the old heavy desk phones that you could angrily throw into the cradle without fear of breaking. Although once, when I was still working I threw the phone so hard that when the receiver bounce out of the cradle the little buttons came out with it. I think that was the maddest I ever got at my boss! But, it did make me feel better! These new phones just don’t have enough weight or character.

I am having a problem getting to the Indianapolis Star’s web page. There is no option given by the sweet lady on the recording that addresses my problem. If I go to the subscription service option the lady on that recording has a voice that sounds like finger nails on a blackboard, still no option to address online problems. I’ve tried email but no reply yet.

Wall-Greens when you call to get a refill on a prescription the auto system is so redundant that I sometime think it would be better to drive to the store to place the request. The lady asks for the prescription number then “checks” to see if it can be refilled then asks if you want it refilled. Why do they think I call in the first place? I have most of the prompt numbers memorized and try to outsmart the system by giving the answers before they ask the questions. Makes me feel really superior to their computer! Oh! And when they call to tell you that your prescription is ready the recording tells you twice that it is ready and then says this message will be repeated and then tells you two more times.

You call a credit card company and ask for you balance and the voice says, let me check on that for you and you hear,” Dum dum dum dee dum” and then the voice returns and says “I found it”. Do they really think I believe that?

I think the worst automated service belongs to Johnson Memorial Hospital and the doctors who practice there. I try not to be prejudiced but it really gets under my skin when the voice on the recording to remind me of my appointment is so oriental that they cannot pronounce my name correctly. It’s ISLEY not IEY! I know it’s not a common name but please, try.

To the folks who design the automated systems, do you really think we don’t know it’s a recording. Do you think for a moment that we are so unintelligent that we believe we are talking to a real person? I don’t think so. I think if those in charge who buy these systems would listen to them they would be embarrassed. Don’t you?

Thanks for listening.

Richard Isley

The Crotchety Old Man

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