Who Will Take Care of Them?

March 6, 2018 — 1 Comment

Another shooting death. Just one person this time and I don’t think it made the national news but this death has impacted central Indiana profusely.  Deputy Jacob Pickett of Lebanon, Indiana gave his life doing his job and as a result he has left a widow and two small boys to a soon to be empty life without him. I cannot say enough about Deputy Jacob Pickett’s family that allowed him to be on life support for so long in order to allow Doctors enough time to determine how his organs were to be used to help save other lives. This unselfishness is the Officer’s forever gift to the community he served. We may never know how many lives he saved or prolonged but we should never forget his family’s loss.

For me I am concerned about the two boys and also other the boys and girls who have lost their fathers in the line of duty.  I wonder if the communities carried life insurance on their officers to insure that at least the children of fallen officers be taken care of financially until they have completed College if they desire.

Because the general Assembly is in session now would be a great time to develop a statewide” killed in the line of duty Police Officer survivor fund “that would take care of the kids and insure that they may go to any state college at no cost. Also make available moneys to supplement the widows whenever they might need it and pay for all he funeral expenses of the deceased officers.

It is probably too late for the current legislature to take up the matter but maybe discussions could be held between now and the next session to put together a bill that would bring about a workable plan. We, Indiana, owe these families something we can never repay but we can soften the burden.

Thanks for listening,

Richard Isley

The Crotchety Old Man

One response to Who Will Take Care of Them?


    Richard , You touched my heart with this post. Absolutely , a fund for the family of fallen officers needs to be established . I hope some one with power listens to your blog. May I post it on FB? Janey

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