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According to Webster’s dictionary redundant means: excess or superfluous. To me it means unnecessary work or a needless exercise just to make that task appear important. Last week when I received the monthly statement from the big house there was a second statement for my wife, Linda, for zero dollars. Never seen a statement like that in the four years we have lived here on the reservation.  What to do, we must do the right thing so I wrote a check for zero dollars and mailed it along with a note asking for an explanation of the zero billing. I received a reply the next day with my check stating that a software change was made in 2016 that billed each resident separately with the husband, if there is one, getting the major charges and the wife getting billed for the charges she has but on her bill. Linda rarely uses the services at the big house and therefore had never charged anything to “her” account. Didn’t know she had one. I dug a little deeper and found out that a statement is printed for every resident and those with a zero balance are supposed to be pulled and trashed. They missed Linda’s I guess. It seems that the task of printing, pulling, and trashing all the zero statements is in fact redundant. I just wonder what that cost every month.

Another redundant exercise I’m involved in is trying to get my 95 year old mother signed up/approved for Medicaid. I started this process last December with guidance from the Medicaid guru at the big house and with a provided list of papers needed I went to the Franklin Medicaid office on the east side of town. The ladies there are nice but I have found that they cannot make final decisions for approval. Approval must come from someone in Marion, Indiana and so after the initial meeting I was asked for a couple of documents and I provided them and they were faxed to Marion; WOW job done; Not.  A week later I get a letter from Marion requesting another document. A document I have not seen. Finally found it and it was faxed to Marion. A week later another letter needing another document.

This whole process started in December 2017 and is not completed yet because I got another letter last Friday requesting another document. So, this coming Monday I will make my 11th visit to the Medicaid office in Franklin and they will fax the document to Marion and then I will wait for the next letter from them.

I have stage 4 lung cancer which is dormant right now and my mother has dementia and with the help of medication sleeping her life away. If Medicaid doesn’t hurry one or both of us will be dead before final approval is granted. That is redundant!

Thanks for listening,

Richard Isley

The Crotchety Old Man

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