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Medicaid: that catchall government program that will pay our bills when we no longer have enough money to cover our expenses. It should be as easy as falling off a log, right? You get old and you retire and you go on Medicare and social security added to your savings or pension and you’re set for life. WOW sounds good except you are going to outlive your savings, or your health declines and you have to go to a nursing facility at 6 to 7 thousand dollars a month. Almost 3 times your social security and so you need to apply for Medicaid. Good luck with that!

My mother is 95 years old and was admitted to the long term nursing care in December of 2017. She is now in a special care unit of the home here at Otterbein Franklin Senior Life Community. She is now with medication sleeping away. It became obvious that she could not afford this care without help from Medicaid so about the 18th of December, 2017 I began the application process for mom to be placed on the Medicaid rolls. I was given a list of documents I would need for this process by the Medicaid guru at the home and I began to locate all the papers required and wait for the appointment time to arrive by mail. You are not asked but are told day and time to appear. They never call to ask if day and time is OK they just tell you. I finally received notice of the appointed time and went to the Medicaid office here in Franklin. A really nice lady took my papers faxed them to Marion Indiana, and came back and said you need 3 more papers among which are a face page and your father’s death certificate plus another that I don’t remember.

Face page; I had no Idea of what that was and after a phone call to the guru I found out, sorry I forgot to give you one and you can come up and I’ll print one off for you.  Alright, I’ll be there as soon as I find rest of this list.  About an hour later papers in hand I’m off to the big house to get the face page and then on to the Medicaid office. Face page! If you live here at the home or on the reservation you have a face page. It’s that form you filled out when you entered here that has all your life’s history and then they put your picture in the upper left hand corner, thus the face page.

I went back to the Medicaid office really feeling good that I was able to respond so quickly. Papers submitted. Papers faxed to Marion, In. Go home and wait for letter in the mail. A week later I receive the letter and guess what? They need 2 more documents.  This has continued and now after the 11th visit to the Medicaid Office on March 12, 2018 I am again waiting for the letter in the mail.

To put things in perspective I received my last letter on 3/9/18 and complied with their request on 3/12/18. ON 3/13/18 received a letter from Medicaid dated 3/9/18 that my mother’s request for assistance has been declined. So tomorrow I go back to the Medicaid office here in Franklin to plead my case. If I thought I could talk to a person in Marion Indiana I would leave right now.

A pleasant surprise at the Medicaid office this morning, letter received yesterday was a mistake and that I will receive a letter mailed Monday March 12th that will tell me mother has been approved retroactively to Jan 1st. I was also told that Medicade requires annual renewals, so I have 8 months before I have to go back again. So I am again waiting for the mail in about an hour and hopefully it will end my journeys task. Mails here and its goodness my mother has been accepted and has a Medicaid card to boot!

What a journey this has been but it’s over and maybe I won’t have to take Atatvin anymore!

The following is a partial list of documents you will need to find in case someone has to get you signed up for Medicaid  or you are signing up someone else;

Your face page

Birth certificate

If widowed death certificate of spouse

At least 3 months bank statements. Remember you cannot have more than $2,000.00 in assets on the 1st day of every month.  You may need a Miller Trust and if so you will need the paper work from the bank establishing said trust and a bank statement for that account.

Any income other that Social Security must be verified.

If you have prepaid your funeral you will need to show proof of prepayment.

If you are receiving a pension from the Veterans Administration you will need the paper work that shows you are entitled and the amount you will receive. Also, if you are receiving VA benefits they will be reduced to $90.00/month after Medicaid begins and this is your personal spending money but remember the $2000.00 asset limit.

The above list is not inclusive but a good start. Your own case may require more or less paper work but in any case set back and relax while you wait for the mail.

Thanks for listening,

Richard Isley

The Crotchety Old Man


This text edited and approved by Linda

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