A re-post from my cousin Brooke Reason

May 2, 2018 — Leave a comment

The following is a post from F/B by a cousin. It tells of the heeling of listening. Sorry about the long post but this is the shortened version: I’ve had a tough time leaving our kids for a week to come to FL for many reasons. I know in my heart they are in great hands with both Grandmas! Feeling selfish even though it’s not a vacation for Joe and I but a time to work while thankfully getting to visit family we don’t see nearly enough. On our 6:30a.m flight this morning I was reminded to not sweat the small stuff. The lady who sat next to me was a mess bc flying makes her a nervous wreck. She proceeds to tell me she’s only flying for one reason and one reason only. Her Dad is in Hospice and has only been given a week to live. She had no idea he was so sick prior to two days ago. That was about the end of our conversation until I notice her sobbing as I look over and see her scrolling through pictures of her Dad, a well decorated Veteran. We talked the rest of the hour and 40 min flight. She’s a strong very successful woman who was raised by a single hairdresser Mom. Her story of forgiving her Dad for things in the past and just wanting to give him the best in his final days was heart wrenching. The possible legal fight she had facing her when she landed in FL to give him just that seemed to be her biggest struggle and she had no idea where to begin. He hadn’t been alert enough to even talk but a wonderful nurse held the phone to his ear so her and her family could talk to him. She was told by the nurse the next day he was alert enough to be able talk and was asking for his family and all he wanted was them to take him home. She thanked me for listening to her and calming her nerves on the flight and apologized for the double Bloody Mary at 6:30a.m she needed to take the edge off. No judgement here. As we parted ways I told her to take care and I hoped all worked out the best possible way and that I’d be praying for her and her family. I pray that when she arrived he was alert enough to know he was surrounded by his loving family. Sometimes it’s not about having the right words to say but just about lending an ear.

Thank you Brooke for allowing me to share; We all need to remember that sometimes just providing a shoulder and an ear is the best medicine.

Thanks for listening

Richard Isley

Crotchety Old Man

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