Road Alligators

June 27, 2018 — Leave a comment

A couple of weekends ago we went to Louisville to deliver a belated birthday gift to our daughter-in-law and just because she just happened to be there, a visit with our granddaughter, Fenna. We had a great visit and as always we had to start home too soon.

The drive down started off in the rain from our house to about Columbus when it petered out to a drizzle and from Seymour a really wonderful sunny drive to Louisville. During the drive I couldn’t help noticing the road alligators along the road. Road alligators, if you don’t know, are huge pieces of truck tire recaps that have come off. I counted at least 30 between Columbus and Memphis road. They were easy to see because it appeared that the grass had been mowed in the last two weeks. That’s about 2 road alligators being hatched every day. From Memphis road to Louisville the body count slacked off but the 6 lanes are really a great improvement. But, I added about 15 “gators” to the count.

Shortly after we arrived in Louisville it started raining again and quit just before we left for home. It was a fun drive with 3 lanes of interstate to drive on. This ended all too soon at the Memphis Road exit (Henryville). Six lanes of I 65 so nice, an improvement long in coming. But again the body count continued and we soon encountered a parking lot. Seems that a semi got off the road and ran into a steel guard rail and got hooked to it and pulled it loose and bent the rail onto the right lane and forced all traffic onto the left lane. The state police were there trying to figure out how to move it off the road and about a mile further the police had the semi pulled over and appeared to be writing a ticket. The rest of the drive home went off without any hitches. The body count continued and the total came to about 75tire carcasses.

Now if you have never encountered an alligator being hatched coming off a truck tire let me tell you it can be scary. A few years ago we were on our way to a dog show in Michigan and at Ft. Wayne when about a ½ mile ahead I saw an alligator being hatched. It came off the tire in several pieces and they were being scattered along the highway and a fairly good sized piece was coming to a stop in the center of my lane. It appeared that I could straddle it so I centered the motor home on the piece and then kerthud kerthud kerthud I went over the alligator. It sounded like the “gator” was tearing everything on the underneath of the motor home off. I kept looking in the mirror to see if I was leaving any debris on the road. Luckily nothing came off but later, to repair the damage, the insurance company paid about $2000.00.

For a long time I have thought and even talked to folks about, because of the traffic, I-65 and I-70 should be 6 lanes border to border. I read the other day that the State/Feds were going to improve I-65 to 6 lanes for another 30 miles. That is great and needs to be done all the way to Gary. It will take a while but it will be worth the construction delays. However, we have about 30 miles of 6 lanes and we are adding another 30 miles; guess where they are starting the construction. They are starting the new construction at the ending point and working south. I’m sure that make sense to someone but not me. I think it makes more sense to start where you left off then as you get a section completed it can be opened to traffic. Just saying!

Thanks for listening,

Richard Isley

The Crotchety Old Man


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