She Died !

August 10, 2018 — Leave a comment

Almost every summer from age 7 to 14 I spent a week at Grand pa Isley’s farm.  I got to drive the tractor, milk cows, feed hogs, and play in the river. I really loved milking cows.  There have been many times when I thought I made a mistake in not going in the business with my grandfather but if I had I would not be here writing stories.

It was about mid-week when at the evening milking grandpa noticed one cow that he said appeared sick. We need to watch her in the morning because she really doesn’t look right. Well, being a good dairyman he really knew his cows and sure enough the next morning even I could see that she was worse than the day before. As we finished milking grandpa told us to finish up and clean the milk house while he went to the house and called the vet. I need to explain us; us was me and my uncle Randy who is still 10 months younger than me.

After finishing the rest of the morning chores we had just sat down for breakfast when a car pulled into the barn lot. It was Dr. Barlow the Vet. I can remember his name because I had an Uncle Bill Barlow who was a really neat guy. He was married to my dad’s sister but no relation to the Vet. We went out to welcome the Vet. and grandpa explained the cow’s condition. Dr. Barlow went into the barn and examined the cow.  When he came out of the barn he said Webb your cow is going to die. I’m not sure what she has but she is definitely dying.  At that point the Vet. said I have some medicine that might make her better but it might kill her. Grandpa said I guess I don’t have anything to lose so give her the shot.

The good Vet retrieved a bottle of medicine and a syringe and went back to the barn.  When he returned he removed his boots and put his shoes  on. He sat in the front seat of his car and wrote out his bill for the visit that included the injection. He handed the bill to grandpa and they shook hands when there was a loud kerthud from the barn. The vet said, Webb she died, and got in his car and left.

Thanks for listening,

Richard Isley

The crotchety Old Man

Edited and approved by Linda


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