Always read the warning!

August 25, 2018 — Leave a comment

This story was told to a lot of people by the person himself, Dallas Isley. It is a true story because his wife Mary always laughingly agreed with Dallas that it really happened. Dallas and my dad were 1st cousins and after my dad’s mother died when he was 14 they spent a lot of time together at their Granddads house where Lewis and Ruby Isley practically raised both boys. My dad thought so much about his step-grandmother that she lived with us the last 8 years of her life and I might add filled my mind with lots of old stories.

Now to the story, Dallas was a farmer and he and his wife Mary raised 3 daughters. The youngest was a few years older than me but I always remember her because of her name, Izetta.  Anyway they were farmers, just getting by most of the time but always willing to help anyone in need. Really good people who worked hard and raised their girls and because girls have to look nice the wardrobe for Dallas and Mary suffered to say the least.

It was summer and hay season, Dallas went to work to mow hay. It was a bright and hot day, ideal for making hay. He hooked the mower to the tractor and because he hadn’t repaired it, the PTO (power take off) guard was left off. If you don’t know, a PTO shaft is used to transfer power from the tractor to whatever implement you are using that day. All PTO shaft guards have safety warnings about the danger of using without the guard. Many farmers have been killed or severely injured by getting too close to an unguarded PTO shaft: they are unforgiving.

Make hay while the sun shines is the moto of the day and Dallas went to the field with an unguarded PTO shaft.  Why, because he was always careful and would never get close to a running PTO shaft because he always turned the shaft off before he got off the tractor. But, for some reason he didn’t this day. He was about half way thru the field when the clover got caught and balled up on the cycle bar which does not allow for smooth mowing. He stopped and failing to shut off the PTO got off the tractor and reaching over the turning shaft tried to dislodge the ball of hay when the PTO shaft grabbed his overalls. Now I’ve already said that Dallas’ wardrobe was not what you might envision. They were thread bare to say the least and in an instant they were gone, wrapped around the PTO shaft beating him about the legs and whatever. For you see it was a very hot day and all he had on were the overalls and there he was in the middle of the field buck naked. He said that after about an hour trying to unwind the overhauls from the shaft he gave up and drove the tractor to the house naked where Mary came to his rescue and brought him another thread bare pair of overalls before the girls could see him setting on the tractor naked. I think he said that he repaired the PTO guard that afternoon and before dark finished mowing the hay field.

Lesson learned, always read the warning labels no matter what tool you are using; you don’t want to end up standing naked in the field.

Thanks for listening,

Richard Isley

The Crotchety Old Man

Edited and approved by Linda

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