As We Progress!Are Our Lives Any Better today?

November 25, 2018 — 1 Comment

I was thinking the other day (yes it hurt) about all the changes I have seen or experienced in my life time. Start with cars. After the war (WWII) cars changed every year.  Take GM for example, they had 5 brands that were not only different looking but they had different mechanics; different engines and transmissions. Each car division had their own Design departments. When was the last time you saw a straight 8 engine?

Now all cars almost look alike. It’s amazing how Toyota can come out with a new model, new and improved, and all the other car makers also have a new model that looks a whole lot like the new and improved Toyota. You don’t suppose there is a spy among them? With GM having only 3 car brands I think it is sad that they look almost identical. If making fewer models equates to more profit then why not just make one brand and then we could all drive Cadillac’s at Chevy prices, just saying. It’s a different world today.

Look at electronics, when I was in school we never heard of the word or what it meant. Look at what has happened to electronics since I graduated.  While in High School my great grandmother Crafton still used a hand crank phone mounted on the wall by her rocking chair. She would not have one of those newfangled black things in her house. We had a black thing in our house. No dial and no buttons, just pick up the receiver and listen to see (I think that is an oxymoron) if someone was on the party line we were on. If no one was on the line wait for the operator to ask, number please.

Then we graduated to the dial phone and a private line. Just pick up the phone and dial the number; two letters and 4 digits. WOW will wonders never cease? Dial a number became the way of life for most folks. After about 15 years, because of advancing technology, the phone companies, driven by AT&T changed all of our phones to push buttons. And then, in the early 90’s cell phones began to appear. The first one we had weighed about 5 pounds and oh the roaming charges. Every time you left your phone coverage area if you used your phone you accumulated a roaming charge. Learned this lesson the shock way; went to Pennsylvania for the big Terrier dog show and was gone 6 days and when I received the cell phone bill I received the shock, $240.00. After that we were very careful about who we called and when we called. I’m sure glad cell phones have progressed to be able to call anyone anywhere at no additional cost. Isn’t technology wonderful? Just for the record I never had a flip-up phone and I still don’t have a cell phone, but my wife does. But you know, we still dial the phone! Think about it!

So now we have almost everything under the control of the 12 year old kids. If we old folks can’t figure it out get a 12 year old and they will fix it. TV’s, computers, cell phones, kindles, and tablets the youngsters know how to make them work properly. However, I have learned a pretty neat trick, If your device stops working properly unplug it from the wall or make sure it is really off then after a minute or two re-plug and turn on the device. This reboot fixes most problems.  When the few times I have had problems I’ve learned to do the reboot and if I still have the problem, when I call the service folks the first thing they tell me is to unplug the device and I say already done that and we get down to fixing the problem. No matter where you look or what you look at the changes during the last 60 or 70 years are almost incomprehensible.

So where will it go? I know I won’ be around here 60 years from now to be able to complain about the latest changes. But, if you pay attention to the latest hype we are starting down a road I’m glad I won’t live long enough to enjoy; i.e., AI (artificial intelligence), driverless cars, and devices that run you and your house just by talking. I wonder if these devices will be able to put my hearing aids in if the phone rings during the night.

I guess I am old fashioned because I don’t have a cell phone, do twitter, or any other of the latest fads. I’m old but not quite old fashioned but I do have a blog!

Thanks for listening,

Richard Isley

Crotchety Old Man

Edited and approved by Linda

One response to As We Progress!Are Our Lives Any Better today?


    You nailed it! Technology is moving too fast for me too. Miss seeing you and Linda in church. Hope you both feel a little better every day. Keep warm this cold season!


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