I am Richard and I am a crotchety old man.


About the Crotchety Old Man

In January 1944, I was born in Salem, Oregon (Thanks, Uncle Sam). When I was six months old,  my mother and I came back to Indiana and I’ve been here ever since. My folks were both from farm families in Shelby County, IN. During the war (WWII) we lived in Columbus, IN, and stayed there for a while even after the war ended. I did not see my dad again until I was 2 years old.

After a while we moved briefly to Indianapolis and then to Greenwood. When I was 12, we moved just outside the city limits to a small farm.

Growing up, we had sheep, a few cows and lot of chickens. In fact, we had 500 chickens. It was my responsibility to feed, gather the eggs, clean and sort the eggs and package them for distribution. As a 4-H member, I showed at several county and state fairs.

I learned my work ethic from my dad. Work like you would like someone to work for you and “don’t just sit there! Do something even if it is wrong!”

After graduating in 1962, I attended Purdue for three semesters or until the university ask me not to return. Then, I worked for my dad in the feed and grain business until he went bankrupt. I joined the Allison Div. of G.M. as a chop cutter (VTL) and then went into the salary ranks. Thirty six years later I retired from Rolls-Royce Aerospace as an area manager.

My wife, Linda, and I raised and showed miniature schnauzers for about 23 years.

I had 3 children and Linda had 2 children and together we have 5 grandkids. We are extremely proud of our kids and their kids!! Lots of bragging rights! Love the kids!

My intent for this blog is to comment on or vent about things that I see people do or say that really piss me off. Hopefully no one will take too much offense.


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